A Braisen Hussy rides a double decker bus!

After 8 months of trading, newest cafe on the block – Braisen Hussy, prepares for it’s inaugural launch party! A Moulin Rouge themed launch party is brewing in Woodford, and along with that comes some crazy adventures…

Did we mention the double decker bus?

Discretely, last Thursday evening, a 1949 Leyland Double Decker bus set sail down Archer Street after many years of being parked in the back yard of it’s previous owners.
Now, the double decker bus is gaining a new life!

However discretely we tried to be, onlookers couldn’t help but wave to the old gal on her pre maiden voyage. You’d think travelling only a few hundred metres down the road would be a breeze, however no-one acounts for a turning circle the size of a football field, or a cranky clutch for that matter. So WE DID stop traffic.

The old dear is now safely parked next door to Braisen Hussy and, the top floor will be the DJ box for the Braisen Hussy Moulin Rouge launch party! “We’re planning a fabulous event!” says owner Willow. Sensational cabaret performances of the slightly out there variety, DJ (as mentioned), finger foods of the very tasty variety, give aways, and a whole lot more…..

Who: Braisen Hussy Moulin Rouge Launch Party
When: 27th october 2012
Where: 69b Archer Street Woodford
From: 7pm
Tickets: $30 Available from the Hussy


Braisen Hussy Files 1# – Did someone say Party? Blingo? or a Double Decker Bus?

Well not in the same sentence.

It’s all a happening at the Hussy…. LOOK! we have a gorgiss!! Hussy Files Newsletter bringing you the most up to date XXXX Rated news from Braisen Hussy.

Well we kinda wish it was that X-Rated but unfortunatly we’re too busy serving coffees to you lovely people.
There is a whole heap of stuff happening at Braisen Hussy, since we got a sensational Marketing Mistress on board to whiz up ideas to promote our sexy arses…. of which your all invited too!!!

September is already underway and we have locked in a few sensational events.

Saturday 22nd September  – Bring out the ‘BLINGO!!!’ 

We are now taking bookings for the next BIG BLINGO!, so if you missed the last one, or haven’t seen the pics on Facebook Then you just missed the most hilarious night of pink hair and tutus…and Fairy Nuff…..

Tickets now available from the Hussy for $19.95. Seats are limted, so please call a Handsome Hussy to reserve your spot. 07 5422 9294. Well, it seems that weekend is a bumper weekend cause on…

Sunday 23rd of September: Awesome FREE LIVE BAND

HEART + Music = Scarlett Affection…

Are we lucky or what?… to have this amazing duo come and perform in the gorgiss Hussy garden on Sunday the 23rd of Septmeber at 11am

scarlet 1.jpegSisters Melia and Nerida Naughton have been joined at the hip since they could sing ‘Mary had a little lamb.’ Spending their (in)formative years in Sydney, NSW and then south of Hobart, Tasmania hanging out in a dilapidated apple orchard, stage shows were mandatory in the Naughton family household. Complete with bedsheet curtains, hairbrush microphones, tennis racquet guitars and constant arguments over who would take the lead line.

Synergy and simpatico are central to the sound of Scarlett Affection, who recently won the John Lennon songwritting competition. Their harmonies and country/folk/pop songs ooz soul that stir the poignant pot of emotion. We’ve been told their kinda like the Waifs or Indigo Girl – not that you’d want to say that… but just to give you a sound sense.

So if your in town or want to drop by for a BLT and Coffee.. come on down, cause we have some great tunes… for you. They are starting at 11am… so get your clock on Woodfordia time… 🙂

 It’s a double whammy SUNDAY!!!!

If you enjoyed the tunes from 11am.. stick around for our Youth Music Afternoon, this time presented by the Homestead Country Music Club in Caboolture. It was a top day, when we had it a month ago… Check out the pics…oh! we are just all over it on Facebook…

EVERY Wednesday from 10am – Tai Chi in the Yard!

Tai Chi with David. For more info call him on 5422 9183 Five bucks a go!!! BARGAIN!!

And now for the MOST EXCITING NEWS!!!……

The Braisen Hussy Moulin Rouge Launch Party!

If we were tec savvy and could work it out… we’d have it in blinking lights!! But we don’t! But it will be NO DOUBT! be the event of the century.

Fairy Nuff will host this spectacular event of monumental FANCY DRESS preportions. Of course there will be drag, a fabtabulisss DJ pumping out some disco tunage, and other performers of the Brazen variety to tease and tempt you all.

Finger foods and plenty of treats will keep ye hussies satisfied.. Bring out the Bling

It’s on the 27th of October and tickets are $30… and we’ll make sure you get a whole lot of fun for that. It’s that hot an event.. we sold tickets before the Marketing Mistress even finished the post on Facebook….tickets are limited.!! so get in quick!! it will be BIG!!

And on that note… I think…. it’s back to the coffee machine for me….
Adious! Amigos!!!